it’s been that kind of morning. is there a shape to describe when your new hire, a day after you leave him to face the masses alone calls you and tells you he won’t be in today and likely not ever?

if you can describe that shape to me i’d really appreciate it.

what this means is that in the course of the remain hours of today, i need to come up with a concept for an event, start and finish two new campaigns, complete work that needs to go out to the newspapers, all on a day where i’d rather be curled up in a foetal position in bed oh yeah, i also have to do the preproduction and shooting schedule for next week. woo fucking hoo.

strangely i’m not pissed at him, cause i understand the kinds of fuckwits we’re working with. i just need to find a way to get everything back in some manageable order, before i kill someone.


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