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May 10, 2003 — Leave a comment

i slept fitfully last night, i haven’t done much today. went out and ordered a dining table for my mother for mother’s day, it should be delivered by tuesday (that’s what happens when you wait til the last minute) 

i’m going to get the accoutrements i need to cook lunch tomorrow a little later (yeah, yeah, yeah, putting stuff off again.) but it’s too hot to do anything. i want to nap, but it’s too hot for that as well, so here i am sitting in front of the computer, skimming metafilter and checking out the boards i’m a member of. 

of interest in the news is this times piece about one of their own “who made up sources, facts, and anecdotes in potentially hundreds of stories” (be forewarned, this is a really long piece and requires you to be a member) 

and something that close to my heart – multiethnicity
from the website: “The Melungeon Movement is intent on not defining, or even further refining, racial boundaries, but instead on blurring them.  We believe in one human race and that by being permitted to embrace our full multi-cultural heritage, we can more quickly make this dream a reality” 

and with less than 7 days to the matrix reloaded i would be amiss not to include this link about the religious undertones of the matrix (from the christian science monitor, no less) 

i’m off to have a really long shower and try to nap for a bit.

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