thank god it’s friday

May 16, 2003 — Leave a comment

not that i did anything all day. my boss comes back on monday and she’s going to have a shit fit, she expects to find 3 whole campaign completed, i had no copy, so i did nothing.

i’ve been trolling for links of interest and minding has been driftng a lot to my physical relationship with victoria (side track, in illusions: the adventures of a reluctant messiah, there was a trick to opening a book the page you wanted, just by what you’re thinking, i think what’s going through my mind, has affected my choices)

from nerve (in 2 parts) 

Baby Got Back I and the conclusion and this delicious tidbit from tristan taormino about her birthday celebration

i keep reminding myself that may is national masturbation month and i should be doing something for the cause, but it’s become so functional, it’s just no fun. sigh.

on to the real news to distract myself…

the truth about jessica

more from the dictatorial bush clan (jeb not ‘W’ this time) and another nail in the coffin of women’s rights under the current administration.

but wait there is hope for the girls

and more new math

a more personal look a the jayson blair story

going to find something to read or do, to distract myself.

be back later.

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