lost track of how many days i’ve been doing this

May 9, 2003 — Leave a comment

a warm welcome to all the people who i’ve encouraged to start their own blog. congrats, i hope it proves as fulfilling to you as it does to me. i’ve been able to vent a lot of the rage and unhappiness in my life without hurting anyone. i’m struggling to hold on a daily basis, this has been a catharsis.

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mac humour

and we’re back, today feels like a good day. feels great actually, exciting, ripe, filled with possibilites.

obviously there is no blood gettting to my head, if i’m uttering shit like that. i’d planned to take the entire day off work today but we have to make a presentation to a client today and with my inability to focus yesterday i didn’t get anything done, funnily i’m not sure how much i’m going to get through today, i’m still in that space, i really need to fins an outlet for all this sexual energy. there are a lot of things masturbation doesn’t even begin to cover.

while we’re on the topic, here is a review of a book on the topic
and more fun with language

i need to get an early start so i bid you all a fond adieu

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