life’s little victories

May 14, 2003 — Leave a comment

thank you keith knight.
i’m already late for work this morning but i’m going to call santo domingo this morning. i’m sitting here catching up.

and now the news in brief:

Rumsfeld’s Dr. Strangelove

Bob Graham Alleges a 9/11 ‘Coverup’

Professional demotivators (as if we really need this)

always end on a high note:

Happy Fun Pundit’s Top 10 Thing I Hate About Star Trek

there was something i saw last night but i can’t remember what it was, but as soon as i do, it will be here. and as promised my rain poem, titled funnily enough – rain

come rain beat your timeless tattoo on my skin. caress my warm dark skin with your millions of cool, tiny fingers entice me with the pungent aroma you release lull me, compose me with the drumbeat that is sometimes gentle or staccato but most of all rain love me.

i’ll be back in a few mintues with news from my personal bureaucratic hell

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