and i feel fine.

the moon is setting as i come through the gate, the yard is still well lit and it is the culmination of a lovely night. when i was leaving home the skys were overcast and i thought i would miss the eclipe, but the sky cleared and from a hillock in cascade i got to witness the wonder of nature. i watched the eclipse in the company of some really good folks and i even got over the flaky behaviour.

tonight was good night, full of the intellectual stimuli that i truly enjoy, i flitted like a hummingbird from conversation to conversation, books, movie, sexuality. it was great, the only person missing was victoria, i love hearing her talk, her opinions, her voice.

i love this woman for so many reasons.

i should get some sleep, it’s close to 2am and i still have work in the morning, but i am so psyhced, i feel good.

i’m going to get some sleep and take this through the day with me tomorrow.

thank you and good night.

later today, ‘life in the cane belt’ the soap opera that is my life.

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