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May 13, 2003 — Leave a comment

today i’m going to hit the 1000 visitor mark, as it stands i’m 11 visitors short at the writing of this post. (well eight, the bots that show up when i update, so i should not count actual 1000, but minus the bot visits and then count that as my actually total?)

well, if i can figure out who is my 1000th(ish) visitor, i figure out something nice to do for you.

in my care package from vic i got my shaver, so i got up early and took a shave, not the smoothest in the world, but i’m less bushy. i’m supposed to clean up to go to work today, i may be required to attend a presentation, (i don’t want to go *whine*) there are a couple reasons i dislike presentations

1. they’re boring
2. it’s mostly bullshit
3. i could be doing real work

time for me to go find a compromise in my wardrobe which brings me to

4. i have to clean up

generally i go to work in a tshirt, jeans and a pair of old nike slipper (soccer slip-ons for those of you not familiar with the vocab), today, i’m going to have to wear, a shirt (ironed), slacks (also ironed) and shoes (i loathe shoes). i also hate ironing, i only do it for my daugher, well because she is the fruit of my loins.

ok, it’s raining, so i have an excuse to wear enclosed footwear.

until later i bid you a fond adieu

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