vic and i have decided that our current entertainments are worthy of the big screen. we are attempting to write a comedic screenplay about our adventures.

if you get a little perspective on our situation it does seems a little funny.

neither of us actually has actually written a screenplay (well vic has done documentary work and i’ve attempted documentary work) and this is going to be our first combined endeavour. i think it’s going to be fun. work begins this weekend. vic is off to the wilds of michigan with the familia for a week, so i’m planning on channelling the anger, the frustration, the lonliness of the next couple of days into a serious stab at our very entertaining story.

the time has come to get some sleep. too many late nights over the last couple of days. although i should unpack the three bags full of laundry, but there is the feel of slipping on a still hot, fresh smelling tshirt. ok so i’m a freak (and fucking lazy too)



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