i finished watching secretary. this movie is so amazing on so many levels. i’m in love with this movie, let’s not even begin to talk about how much i love the theme. i’m also very thrilled because i got a care package from victoria today. i haven’t done anything else all evening, i’m just checking out the newssites trying to catch up on the days events

here are a few of the highlights:

the smoking gun tv (your favourite legal news website, goes to the small screen, hosted by the hilarious mo rocca)

operation strangelove –  raise money for groups still working hard for peace, justice and relief in Iraq. 

and justice for all – judge awards $108,000 in attorney fees in car-trouble lawsuit (trust me there is a point to this)

or maybe there isn’t justice for all read and be amazed at the powers and policies of goverment gone wild.

thank you and good night.


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