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May 15, 2003 — Leave a comment

only here, can that piece of math be correct.

tired of the running battles with my mother over the use of the phone, i had a second line installed so i could be online and she could have her phone. imagine my surpise when i arrived home yesterday to find a dialtone (but the inability to dial any numbers) on the recently installed line and the main line, that has been in the house for well on 10 years, dead. dead, no dial tone, nothing, zero, zip, zilch.

so i trek to the nearest pay phone to call the repairs department, only to be told we’ll get someone on it tomorrow, because the technicians only work – 8am – 4pm. and none of the people that are answering the phones after 4pm are technically inclined, they just answer the phones.

i really had to restrain myself yesterday on the phone from tearing the people on the phone a new one. not just for their sake, but for all the other bureaucratic bullshit i had to deal with yesterday.

i need to vent before i dealt with anyone else today, now i’m off to my meeting.

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