day one

April 8, 2003 — Leave a comment

well, well, well…

in truly onanistic fashion, i’ve decided to start a blog…

this will be my forum for the truly vitriolic, sometimes manic depressive or generally lascivious thoughts that pop unbidden in to my mind. i hope those of you that visit find it appealing, instructive and/or entertaining and if not, tough titty. it’s my mind.

one more thing, if i’ll be doing this properly, this spelling on this thing is going to be attrocious, i’m going to be typing as the thoughts come to me but again, if you don’t like it…

fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

so is it obvious that i have nothing but fluff in my mind already?

…this is also a golden opportunity for me to brag about what i’m reading currently…

dreamcatcher – stephen king (this is actually a reread, thinking about going to see the movie, not because i want to but i’m hoping the animatrix short film – final flight of the osiris, but this is trinidad, so that’s not very likely… lost my train of thought… right… i’m rereading this, not one of SKs best books but it beats a sharp poke in the eye and i’ve started it already…)

the subtle knife – philip pullman (veddy nice children’s book, quite enjoying it for the first time, more on it later…)

what i’m worth…

i went to a job interview today… and i was told i was selling myself cheap. i still feel pretty good, in all today has been one of my best days for a long time.

i got some sort of validation, but it had to be from an italian guy, who doesn’t speak english very well. why is it that being a graphic artist in this country means it’s your lot to suffer… clients who take forever to pay, or not at all, and the almighty ‘just’…

as in ‘why don’t you ‘just’ come up with a new design?’

i would, if they make up their fucking minds and figure out what they want.

my current job sucks, badly, with teeth. i’m not sure if it’s my boss, who is kind of vapid, or the general discontent and malaise of the staff or the fact that i have to account for every fucking pencil, piece of paper, envelope. christ, there is conservative and down right fucking cheap.

these people are so fucking cheap.

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