i have the misfortune have to actually be at work at 8am and in my travels or is that travails [cause it was actually work to get here, i have no idea what i`m going to do next week when school re-opens] i got stuck in cars tuned to two of the most insipid talk show host in the country.

i`m firmly of the belief that the selection of talk radio hosts is firmly rooted in how little you now and how ignorant you can be, but the hosts are not the worst, the people that call in, oh sweet fucking god, what hole do these people crawl out from. breathe, be calm.

the reason i`m in the office this early on this fine wednesday morning is – i have a meeting, i had an 8am meeting, it`s now 8:06, meaning that the potential client is now late. which dominoes into the fact i had to get up early, skip my morning ritual, get here and she`s not here.

well, fuck it. i`m going to do something productive, i`m going to call and see what progress if any is going on with my immigration application.

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