yesterday we were out to dinner and we were referred to as newlyweds. i guess we are in a manner of speaking. tomorrow marks two weeks since i`ve been here. this has been the longest time we`ve been together.

it`s been an amazing two weeks. everything feels natural, from waking up in the morning and getting vic to work to having lunch with her everyday. and i am enjoying the house husband role. the boychick is off with grandparents for the week, it`s spring break, so my duties this week are marginally less.

i am so happy but i`m afraid it will seem like gloating and as a fan a greek mythology i also have this concept of jealous gods smiting happy mortals for flaunting their joy. for now, i`m exactly where i need to be in my life.

i think the honeymoon can last forever. it`s not just about sex, it`s about being comfortable with your partner. the ability to be silly, the ability to be vulnerable, the ability to be yourself. i know we have all of these things and they`re not going anywhere.

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