my god, is this what withdrawal is like?

a whole day without posting, i should get accustomed.

i had all this thoughts for posts and of course being the sensible and somewhat busy do bee today, i didn`t displace any electrons and save them anywhere.

they`ve been keeping me on my toes at the office, i have an annual report to design, the first round of designs went off to the client this afternoon and the rest of the art department is finally migrating to os x and as the person with the most experience in the building, i`m answering questions and tweaking machines so they work. i`m glad to have something to do.

i`m so excited, it`s a wonder i don`t explode. a lot people in the office have commented in my radical change in demeanour. i can barely contain my happiness. in related news my books are safely on their way via dhl, which oddly was cheaper than sending by the jamaica postal service, which i was told not to trust.

my connection time is going to be limited to the office now. in a snafu of epic proportions disconnecting my phone and the associated dsl account has eliminated my dialup access, i would kick up a stink, but i`m only going to be here for another week, don`t really see the point. i could dial up using aohell, but the US$6 a minute surcharge is down right vicious, so i`m just going to continue to bring my laptop to work and email back and forth with vic all day.

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