this is the final curtain.

and i`m ready to get the fuck out of dodge. i`m irritable, i don`t want to be here anymore.

why is it on my last day of work, i feel so sullen and ill tempered? this is a good day. right? i don`t get this. i shouldn`t be feeling like this, but i want to hide away from everyone.

and in combination with this, my finger hurts. i managed to take a healthy chunk out of it with a sharp knife yesterday making dinner.

what is this malaise?

and what`s upsetting me is that i have no reason to feel this way. it`s my last day, i`m off to trinidad tomorrow. i get to see the children, i get to celebrate my daughter`s birthday with her and then i`m off to vic.

what is there to irritate me?

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