in all my rage yesterday, i forgot to mention that both the shoots yesterday went well.

the really cool thing is that the photographer is shooting digital. he`s got a 22 megapixel digital back connected via firewire to his laptop. it`s a modified 4×5 camera with a digital processor where the film loader would be and shoots in raw format

talk about instant gratification. we could move people around, lights, anything we needed. shoot, preview, adjust shoot, again. it`s fantastic.

i`ve always know about the system but this is the first time i`ve seen it in use. i got cds full of images the morning shoot when i got to the evening shoot. i`m thrilled by the possibilities.

i have two more photo shoots today, in between which i need to get fingerprinted, get them notarised and faxed to trinidad, of course on par with everything else, nothing is easy, i have to go to downtown kingston, not a trip i`m looking forward to.

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