jati: a group of souls whose destinies are bound together. In each life, they gravitate toward each other, impelled by mystic forces of attraction.

from kim stanely robinson`s the years of rice and salt.

i think i`m starting to recognise the members of my jati. some of them have been in my life for a while, some of them i`ve met recently, but the more i need them, the more their presence is felt in my life.

it`s interesting, how support and friendship come from sources you least expect. not `yes` people, but the people who are willing to smack you upside your stupid fucking head and ask you what you`re doing with your life.

more and more i`m recognising the value of true friendship. i have a lot of acquaintances but the true friends list is short and even some of those are not in my jati.

thank you for being there. you know who you are.

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